Middle of the Mic Workshop Series

 The Middle of the Mic was such a success, that now it is being extended into a monthly donation-based workshop series. I am so grateful that Arts KC gave Poetic Underground and Kansas City Poetry Slam the opportunity and funds to create a workshop series where we brought traveling poets to Kansas City to showcase their skill and talent. Lino L. Anunciacion and Desireé Dallagiacomo came to Kansas City and blew everyone away and sparked something bigger ever thought imaginable. Now, Kansas City is not thought of as a fly-over poetry spot, but now a destination with talent and community.

I will teaching the workshop in June, and the teaching poets will change every month to create diverse conversation and to hear stories and lessons from every walk of life. The workshop style will vary depending on the teacher, but the topics covered will be performing, writing, editing, and other poetry practices that will help improve poetic skill.

Join me next month at Uptown Arts Bar at 7-9pm for first workshop in this series! Follow Poetic Underground on Facebook to keep up with who the next teaching poet will be!

Thanks to every who supported the Middle of the Mic project, and thanks to everyone who continues to do so!

To find out more about the original grant project, read below.


Poetry has saved my life. And now it is time to open those doors to others. The 'Middle of the Mic' project is aimed to do just that. We are here to create a safe space, build community, and open up an environment where all artists AND non-artists can be loved, seen, and heard.

Poetic Underground is a weekly open mic in KC, which has been steadily growing for the last five years. Under previous directors, the reading sequence has become a destination venue for poets across the nation, and as the newest Executive Director, my plans is to continue this growth and expand opportunities for the open mic poets in education and visibility.

While many national poets used to consider KC a “fly-over” spot, more and more are reaching out to secure featured spots Poetic Underground. We are committed to keeping open mic a free event, to encourage all poets and people to attend and have the opportunity to express themselves, be heard, and to have full audiences in a safe venue. I’m also committed to expanding the outreach of our community and to enlightening those new to poetry about the wide, diverse and engaging national poetry scene.

The “Middle of the Mic” project is designed to address these needs for our poetry community. Since Poetic Underground is now regularly at capacity, this is the right time to be drawing in these features.

Middle of the Mic is bringing in  Desireé Dallagiacomo and Lino Anunciacion to Kansas City. These two poets will be providing a 30 minute feature set during the Poetic Underground open mic, and will be hosting a 2-hour feature while in KC.

Poetic Underground already serves as a safe space for poets to create and share their work, and I believe that this project will increase the conversation about the importance of writing. These poets have some sort of activism background, which is very important for the community because it will help educate those who may not have had the opportunity to hear these stories without this opportunity. By bringing in nationally renowned poets, we broaden the horizons of our local poets and introduce more diversity into the community.

The community will also benefit from this project because the features and workshops will be free, so we will have an opportunity to open up the space to people who may not be able to afford any type of creative writing workshop. By doing this, we will be bridging the gap between academic writing and writing for sheer expression, which I believe is a very important gap to fill. By giving our local poets this free space to learn and experience new writers/performers they may not have had the opportunity to see otherwise, we will be opening up new connections and networking opportunities, which is crucial in continuing to grow the creative community. This project is important because it will be completely open and advertised to all of the Kansas City community, not just the poetry community, so it would introduce poetry to the entire creative community as a whole, and will allow collaboration between artists to be formed.