w r i t e r & p e r f o r m e r & o r g a n i z e r

Samantha Slupski [she/her] is a Midwestern writer, performer, organizer, and mental health advocate living in Austin, Texas. Her work centers around how a body survives trauma and aims to illuminate stories about mental health.



Contributing writer for the online journal, Pass/Fail.

Writing a monthly newsletter that you can find here.

Preparing to compete in the Individual World Poetry Slam in September.

Currently taking freelance clients for design and writing.


Headlined the Melbourne Spoken Word Poetry Festival in Melbourne, Australia in June 2018.

Toured across the United States and Canada in 2018 & 2019.

Competed in Texas Grand Slam 2016, 2017, and 2018.

2019 Winter Tangerine NYC Workshop recipient.

2019 Artist-in-residence at CENTER.

2018 The Heart Of It Retreat fellow.

Member and Coach of the 2018 Kansas City Poetry Slam National Slam Team.

Coach for the 2019 Kansas City Rustbelt Poetry Team.

Former Executive Director of Poetic Underground, which was awarded Best Poetry Open Mic by The Music & More Foundation in 2018

Former Slam Master of Kansas City Poetry Slam.

Founder of the Middle of the Mic Workshop Series.

2017 ARTS KC grant recipient for the Middle of the Mic Workshop Series.

Successfully funded two fundraising campaigns for Poetic underground and kansas city poetry slam.

Rebranded, redesigned, and gained engagement on all Poetic Underground and Kansas City Poetry Slam’s social platforms and website.

Started an email campaign for kansas city poetry slam to build engagement..

Nominated for "Best Host" by the Music & More Foundation in 2018.

Nominated for “Poet of the Year” and “Spirit of the Poetry Community Award” in 2019.

Voted the 2nd Best Spoken Word Artist in The Pitch Magazine's Best of 2017.

Supported adult artists with developmental disabilities at the Kansas City-based non-profit art studio, Imagine That.

First book of poetry was published by EMP Press (2017).

Published in various online journals such What Are Birds Journal, Pressure Gauge Press, Polemical Zine, Blue Mountain Review, the This Much project, and Gasconade Review, Thimble Literary Magazine, and has been published on the Write About Now Youtube Channel.